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Lynette Bainbridge Provider No: 2808783F (Practice Manger)
Shannan Riordan  Provider No: 5109121Y
Jasmine Bainbridge  APHRA No: PSY0003117273
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Child Psychology

Child & Adolescent Psychology in Newcastle and Hunter Valley

Do you have concerns about your child? 

Child Psychology 1

Early Childhood (0-5 Years)

Do you have concerns about a child's...

  • Overall development
  • Inability to meet developmental milestones (e.g. language, motor skills, socialization, eating and/or hygiene)
  • Relationships with family members/care-takers
  • Behaviours towards non-family members and peers
  • Difficult temperament
  • Inappropriate behaviours
  • Confirmed diagnosis/disability
  • Learning abilities
  • Fine motor skills & dexterity
  • Gross motor skills - outside play
  • Interactive play
    Adolescent Psychology

    Adolescence (12-18 years)

    Do you have concerns about an adolescent's...

    • Education- learning ability
    • Anxiety & low mood
    • Irritability & disengagement
    • Lack of motivations
    • Conflict with parents/caretakers
    • Peer pressure
    • Career guidance
    • School to work transition
    • Gender identity
    • Executive functioning - planning & organization
    • Sexualized behaviours
    • Drug & alcohol usage
    • Social media usage


      EDMR as a treatment component in the management of:

      • Depression
      • Anxiety
      • Panic attacks
      • Personality disorders
      • Complicated grief
      • Disassociative disorders
      • Pain disorders
      • Body dysmorphic disorders

      • Eating disorders
      • Sexual or physical abuse
      • Performance anxiety
      • Stress reduction
      • Disturbing memories
      • Phobias
      • Addictions

        Educational Case Management Pty Ltd Psychologist have the knowledge & skills in the following areas...

        • Early intervention strategies
        • Identify & clarify presenting problems
        • Profile the child/adolescent using a range of standardized assessments
        • Diagnose mental health disorders: anxiety, depression, PTSD, conduct disorder, personality disorders, autism spectrum disorders, etc. 
        • Assess intellectual & academic ability
        • Identify specific behavioural problems
        • designing effective treatment programs: behavioural plans & risk management plans
        • Implement appropriate therapy for mental health disorder: cognitive behavioural therapy, mindfulness techniques, psycho-education
        • Consult with other allied health professionals & co-ordinate team meetings
        • Evaluate education programs & interventions
        • Recommend options in career suitability
        • Recommend appropriate adjustments & accommodations for education & individualized plans
        • EDMR therapy on children and adolescents that have suffered trauma

          Educational Case Management Psychologist can do the following Assessments...

          Developmental Delay

          Autism Spectrum


          Academic Giftedness

          School Readiness

          Identify Self Help Skills

          Learning Difficulties

          Genetic Disorders


          Childhood disorders

          Behavioural Disorders

          Adaptive Functioning

          Practice Manager-Consultant Psychologist
          Lynette Bainbridge

          BSc(Psych), BSocSc, Grad Dip Ed (Secondary, MScCns, MAPS)
          AHPRA Registration No. PSY0001379950
          Medicare Provider No. 2808783F
          APS Registered Autism Provider
          FaSCHIA Registered Better Start & Helping Children with Autism Services
          NDIS Provider No: 31056179
          Australian Psychological Association: 036063
          Workers Compensation P139846W
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